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Place your bets, spin the wheel and listen to the ball roll! Welcome to the world of online roulette. This massively popular casino game can now be played from your own home. Browse the impressive range of online roulette games at Players Palace Casino and get ready to win some money!


Roulette is a game that works better if you develop a strategy and stick to it. At Players Palace Casino you can play online roulette with our fantastic welcome bonus of $500. All you need to do is download the casino software, sign up as a player and the bonus will appear in your casino account when you make your first deposits as a new player. Use your welcome bonuses to try out all the best online roulette games, or any of our 550+ games that take your fancy!

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The roulette games at Players Palace Casino truly are something to be marvelled at! Technologically advanced casino software ensures that your gambling experience with us is smooth, simple and entertaining. The real-life sound effects and incredible re-creation of the roulette wheel and table will make you feel like you're sitting in an actual casino. Not only that, the sheer variety of roulette games that are available with just the click of a button is super impressive. American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette are all here for your gambling enjoyment.


The game of roulette is so well known that an explanation of the rules is hardly necessary. You simply place your chip on the number or group of numbers (red/black, odd/even, high/low) where you think the ball will land and spin the wheel. One important point to realise is that there are primarily two different kinds of roulette wheels to choose from. The great thing about Players Palace Casino is that you have access to both of these and more when you sign up to the online casino.

The difference is that the American wheel has a double zero while the European wheel has a single zero. One wheel consists of 38 numbers while the other has 37 which alters the house edge slightly in favour of the European wheel. During your hour of free play it's a good idea to try out both varieties to see what suits you best.


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